Seymour BGC Youth Triathalon

Youth Triathlon Results

Stay tuned…Results will posted within 72 on website and on social media day of!

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Below are the results for the 2021 Youth Triathlon

11-14 Year Olds

Will Proffer126026:47.9
Micah Jablonski126727:25.0
Wes Proffer126127:42.4
Lauren Dowell125929:35.6
Lane Mellencamp126231:26.9
Townsend Chambers127531:36.1
Kelly Beavers126933:40.3
Caleb Jablonski126834:05.3
Gabbi Cornn127035:17.1
Cash McNeely127435:22.7
Kori Jones126636:39.5
Mason Williams127237:24.5
Ross Bevers127337:47.0
Aidda Schepman125838:03.2
Lauren Bode127138:25.3
Gage Mull126439:33.1
Gannon Mays127640:05.9
Bode Mull126541:37.5
Sam Parisi126342:32.9

6-10 Year Olds

NameBib #Time
Myra Schepman42218:22.5
Carissa Bottorff42118:37.3
Bailey Swallow43018:39.5
Chloe Jablonski42819:08.9
Henry Schepman43119:22.6
Dylan Tiernan43219:57.0
Anna Jablonski42720:42.0
Evan Bevers43721:11.4
Laura Sayers43421:23.6
Tyler Williams43521:28.1
Hope Couch42621:43.9
Kameron Williams43621:48.1
Garrett Steffy43321:39.2
Lana Jones42521:56.1
Bane Schepman42322:31.5
Hollis Mays44022:35.6
Tait Birdsong41923:10.2
Leona Chambers43823:41.6
Sutter Mays43925:20.9
Eli Smith42426:29.0
Alec Quillen42027:58.3
Odin Temple42931:08.9

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